Merging ancient dyes with innovation

IndiDye® utilises a revolutionary new patented dyeing technology that combines natural beautiful colours and ancient dyes with an innovative new ultrasonic fibre dyeing process. The dyeing is implemented at fibre level before the IndiYarns™ are spun. Dye-tanks are filled with batches of fibre together with liquid natural dyestuff, and exposed to ultrasonic pressure waves that push the dyes into the core of the fibre. This is what gives the unique IndiDye® colour fastness never before achieved with natural plant dyes – without adding chemical fixation agents.

The IndiDye® dyeing technology uses natural liquid dyes in a dyeing process that completely eliminates waste water, thus significantly reducing water consumption. Through lower dyeing temperatures and shorter dyeing times, IndiDye® also offers measurable improved efficiency in energy and emissions.

The plantations where the plants for our dyestuffs are grown only use natural fertilisers. By growing in crop rotations, the soil conditions are improved, and pesticides are avoided. Farming of the plants for the dyes is done in areas with natural abundance of water, limiting artificial irrigation. The dyeing mills are close to the farms to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

– No chemicals, no wastewater, natural fertilisers and low environmental impact. IndiDye® is the eco-smart dyeing technology.

Fibres approved for IndiDye®

The IndiDye® fibre dyeing technology is currently available for:

TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal
Bamboo viscose