The dyeing solution for a clean textile industry

The global textile industry is undergoing important changes with regards to environmental and social impact. From raw materials through manufacturing processes, re-use and recycling, no stone can be left unturned for conscious brands and consumers.

Dyeing is responsible for a considerable part of the impact of the textile industry. Generally dyeing is done using large amounts of both chemicals and water, in energy consuming processes. It is one of the key factors that really can make a difference in the pursuit of a more sustainable and responsible industry that is continuously growing.

Plant dyes are the original dyes, but traditionally they have been challenged by low levels of colour fastness, not compatible with our expectation of durability today. By utilising ultrasonic technology, IndiDye® reaches high levels of colour fastness without the use of chemicals, at the same time reducing water consumption significantly. It is the eco-smart alternative to chemical dyeing.

IndiDye® is reviving the original dyes through eco-smart innovation, providing the conscious consumer with beautiful durable natural colours.

– IndiDye® is the next generation of sustainable and responsible dyeing solutions.