Plant dyed yarns & fabrics

IndiDye® is a fibre dyeing technology applicable to natural and re-generated fibres. These dyed fibres are blended with un-dyed and un-bleached fibres in a mélange spinning process where our IndiYarns® are manufactured. These yarns are available in a variety of yarn-counts, blends and spinning techniques which make them applicable to both jersey and woven fabrics.

The first collection of IndiYarns® is based on organic cotton, pure or blended with Tencel®. All these high-quality yarns are naturally skin friendly and completely non-toxic, and designed with a strong focus on biodegradable ingredients and environmental impact.

Yarn counts:  
Ne 21s, 32s, 40s

100% organic cotton
50/50 organic cotton / Tencel®
30/70 organic cotton / Tencel®


Based on the first IndiYarns® collection, we have developed 3 lines of IndiDye® jersey fabrics:

100% organic cotton, with or without elastics
50/50 organic cotton / Tencel®, with or without elastics
30/70 organic cotton / Tencel®, with or without elastics

Handling of plant dyed fibres, yarns and fabrics is somewhat different from the handling of traditional chemical dyed products, as the manufacturing process is free of chemicals normally used in textile processing. Our production chain is specialized in this handling and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OekoTex certified.

-IndiDye® is the expert ingredient