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melange polo shirt


Ultrasonic fibre dyed

This is where it all started. IndiDye® Natural Color high-performance natural dyes and our own special auxiliaries combined with a patented efficient ultrasonic fibre dyeing process. Dye-tanks are filled with batches of fibre together with liquid natural dyes and exposed to ultrasonic pressure waves that infuse the dyes into the pores of the fibre. The dyed fibres are blended with raw undyed fibres to create beautiful low impact melange yarns in different blends and constructions. Our melange yarns are our most versatile products and can be used for a wide range of applications in both knits and wovens; underwear, babies-wear, athleisure, casual, home-wear and foot-wear.  Imagination is your only limitation.

natural indigo denim


A natural icon. From waste

Everyone loves denim. In one way or another it will be part of your wardrobe; jeans, skirts, shirts, tops, or jackets. Denim is widely regarded as the most iconic product category of the textile industry. IndiDye® Natural Indigo is used in an efficient rope dyeing process to dye denim yarns, replacing synthetic indigo. The properties of our aniline free plant-based indigo allow for easier wastewater treatment and less water consumption in the finishing processes compared with synthetic indigo. Low impact ozone and laser treatments are also very well suited to our IndiDye® Natural Indigo. By utilising waste to manufacture our natural indigo we significantly reduce the impact of dye manufacture while also offering a commercially attractive price point. We provide a large range of denim fabrics manufactured in cooperation with our manufacturing partners.

natural dyed lace


The perfect intimate

Introducing IndiDye® Natural Color nylon we are entering a new era for intimates, offering natural plant dyed recycled- and bio-based nylon fabrics, lace and garments. The colors and shades available are specifically tailored for intimates with classic and sensual aesthetics. Our natural dyes are especially well suited for next-to body applications making it the perfect match for intimates. We also dye nylon garments in a garment dyeing process very well suited for yoga and sportswear.

natural dyed wool


Natures finest

Wool is a fantastic natural product. It is renewable and biodegradable, a truly circular fibre by nature. Cool when it's hot, warm when it's not, wool is a multi-talent with a wide range of applications. This precious natural fibre is very well suited to our bio-degradable natural dyes. The IndiDye® Natural Color dyes can be applied to wool fibres and tops for semi-worsted, worsted, and woolen yarns. The ultimate natural fibre combined with beautiful natural colors. What is not to love?

natural dyed silk fabric


Luxuriously natural

For thousands of years silk has been considered to be the queen of fabrics, from the empresses in China to the royalty of the Roman Empire. Silk has so many different timeless characteristics. Durable and Strong. Biodegradable and Recyclable. Silk dyed using IndiDye® natural dyes is a luxuriously natural alternative.

natural dyed garment dye


Naturally efficient

Garment dyeing combined with natural plant dyes is a great tool for custom looks for cotton, man-made cellulosics, hemp, linen, wool and nylon. The cost-effective dyeing process allows for lower waste ratios, lower volumes, and faster lead times, making it accessible to both smaller brands and brands with rapid requests. The garment dyeing process offers many appealing effects, but we dare to say the vintage look of apparel that is garment dyed using IndiDye® natural plant dyes is one of our absolute favorite products. Other favorites are seamless yoga wear and seamless and flat knit wool products where natural, non-toxic, biodegradable plant dyes is the natural and obvious choice.

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