All natural with natural variations

Nature has always provided beautiful colours. IndiDye® is based on traditional ancient natural dyes that give the base colours of blue, red, yellow, purple and grey. These base colours are available in a multitude of different shades, and by over-dyeing or combining the different dyed fibres in a melange process additional colours are achieved.

All our dyestuffs are 100% natural, and they are subject to mother nature’s variations when harvesting. As a result, there are slight variations in shade and colour from harvest to harvest. These variations can be compensated in the melange spinning process, or they can be appreciated like different vintages. The unique IndiDye® colour fastness and durability will however not change.

IndiDye® natural plant dyes

The ancient coloration materials used in the dyes are based on traditional Asian medicinal plants. They are completely non-toxic and gentle to the skin.


(Terminalia chebula)


(Curcuma longa)


Ban Lan Gen
(Radix Isatidis)


(Carthamus tinctorius)



Fibres approved for IndiDye®

The IndiDye® fibre dyeing technology is currently available for:

Cotton:    Organic and BCI
Lyocell:    Tencel®